Solar panels must be exposed to sunlight to produce energy. In Arizona where dirt, dust, and sand are blowing around and pigeons, pests nesting under the solar panels will reduce the production of your solar system. Professional cleaning and maintenance can increase your production, and be economical.

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Why you should Clean your Solar Panels?

In Arizona dust will limit the output of your solar panels. By not cleaning them, you will lose more on your investment in the long run. As a matter of fact, scientists say that a dirty solar panel can lose as much as 25% of power compared to a clean one. So if you want to get a maximum return on investment on your solar panels, you have to keep your solar panels maintained. The real question is, how frequently?

How often should you clean your solar panel?

The cleaning frequency really depends on the area you live in. In the Phoenix, Arizona valley for example, we get a pretty good amount of dust, so you have to clean your panels at least two to three times a year. 

Generally, it is advised to clean your panels every 6 months. 

How does it get cleaned?

We use pure water. We do not use tap or hose water since these water sources are filled with minerals that can leave residue and cause your panels to be damaged. Our water is filtered through to remove dissolvable solids found in tap water. The system we use is called the “Water Fed System”, it is a machine with a pole and brush that cleans your systems with pure water leaving your solar panels streak-free. We will rinse and repeat until we get the results we want. 

Pigeon Proofing

We bird proof and clean your solar panels to help protect them from pigeons and keep energy production at higher levels so you can continue to save money with solar. 

  • Long lasting and non-corrosive
  • Clean, modern, unobtrusive black barrier
  • We will disinfect under solar panels at no extra charge
  •  We will safely remove all nests and pigeons and pests under solar panels