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Professionally Cleaning your Residential or Commercial Solar Panels for a better tomorrow!

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Clean to Shine LLC

Clean To Shine LLC Solar Panel Cleaning Company specializes in professionally cleaning your residential or commercial solar panels so that they stay healthy and work efficiently. Solar panels are an investment that has to be maintained, which is why our bonded and insured team only uses the best equipment and techniques for keeping them clean.

We take pride in the work we do for our neighbors throughout Arizona which is why we work hard to provide same-day service whenever we can. Whether you’ve got a few panels on your house or your entire business depends on solar energy, you can count on Clean To Shine to keep your panels clean.

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Why do I need to have my Solar Panels Cleaned?

It is important for a solar roof to remain clean. If you get dust, dirt, and grime buildup on the photovoltaic panels, this reduces the amount of sunlight which comes through them. Your electrical output then decreases.

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